This week I’ve been reading #99

It’s time for another round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This Week I've Been Reading #99
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For Deaf Tennis Player, Sound Is No Barrier


Yes, PMS IS Real — and So Is Our Tendency to Ignore Women’s Pain

This African model recreated campaigns with white models to show the beauty of diversity

“I teach race 101 for my day job. I refuse to teach it in my personal life or even to my colleagues and peers. That’s a privilege of my job, though. I can make a semilegitimate claim that my colleagues are responsible for knowing this stuff in a way I couldn’t in other jobs. A prerequisite for being my friend is that you can’t be precious about things that are really life-and-death issues for me. If you can’t deal with me talking honestly about racism, then we aren’t friends.” – I’m Not Your Racial Confessor

“In 2016, bisexual women shouldn’t be so invisible, or subject to infantilising stigma, especially since it’s putting them in danger – physically or, as Evan Rachel Wood pointed out, of exploitation. Why aren’t we listening?” – Why don’t we take bisexuality seriously?

“After eight years I still ache with grief when I think about my mom, and I know that much of this grief will never leave me. But neither will the resilience that I inherited from her. I will thrive and love out in the open. I will fight for my life, for the lives of the people I love, and for all the black, brown, and queer people whose basic human rights may be under siege in the coming months. I know how to fight, because I learned from the best.” – Losing My Mom Taught Me How To Grieve For America

“Civility is not the highest moral imperative—especially in response to perceived injustices—nor is hand-holding and guiding reluctant people to confront their bigotry gently. American history is full of fights, including the ongoing struggle for civil rights, that have been as fierce as they are ultimately effective. Civility is overrated.” – Sometimes There Are More Important Goals Than Civility

This Week I've Been Reading #99

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