This week I’ve been reading #96

It’s time for a belated round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention last week.

This Week I've Been Reading #95
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Don’t Cry For Ivanka — Fear Her


Dear Trump Supporter who says they love me

These wine bottles have short stories on the labels so you can read while you drink

“Irish readers are like no others in the world”: How these homegrown publishers are making waves

“You ridicule these choices not knowing they are mine, you call them despicable, immoral and wrong. You chose to only see things this way, and that I can’t change but I can tell you my story and I can tell you that this choice will always be made, by me and by many more just like me.” – Dad, I had an abortion

“You don’t owe anyone your “friendship,” digital or otherwise. You don’t owe anyone emptily-maintained acquaintanceships simply because you live in the same city. You don’t need a group of people who meant something to you two, five, ten years ago to be privy to every minor update in your life. You have every right to curate your online space as vigorously as you curate your real-life one, and anyone who makes you feel badly for drastically reducing a friend or follower count is not worth listening to.” – You Need To Lose Some Friends

“To be a feminist man, or a feminist ally is not just to be nicer to women. It’s to counter actions by men and the structures created by men that actively try to remove, or prevent the achieving of, status, autonomy, security or possibility from women. Then it’s to support wherever you can the deployment of tools and action from the toolkit of feminist responses to oppression, marginalisation and male violence.” – Fear of other men teaches us to hate women

“Don’t expect thanks for the solidarity you should have always been showing. Don’t expect your pin to provide comfort in lieu of action. And don’t expect it to bring actual change. We have real work that has to be done and I suggest we get started.” – Questioning Safety Pin Solidarity Revealed Why I Can’t Trust White People

“The former “wild child” and mother of approximately 31 children has until now been very open with the press about her bisexuality, which one might think allowed for her attraction to people of multiple genders. But as Radar explains, this current predilection towards women actually stems entirely from a very deliberate, conscious choice on Jolie’s choice to forgo men in favor of women and therefore become a lesbian because of Brad Pitt, which is how bisexuality always works according to the media.” – Angelina Jolie “Switches Teams,” Apparently Was On A “Team”: What Does This Mean For You?

This Week I've Been Reading #96

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