This week I’ve been reading #94

It’s time for a round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This Week I've Been Reading #94
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Yes, I’m disabled. But I still love sex.

Are Celebrities Effective Voices for Feminism?

We asked men why they liked to be the Little Spoon

Romeo + Juliet at 20: Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation refuses to age

“They’re fluent in the language of wokeness (congratulations, you know how to use ‘womxn’. Have a cookie) and use it to speak with a forked tongue. It’s particularly insidious within the activist community: Who’s going to believe that your boyfriend raped you, when last month he gave a talk about enthusiastic consent?” – When Men Use Wokeness As A Shield

““There’s this silence. We don’t talk about it. We don’t hear about it. There’s little awareness intersex people exist.”

He says it must be extremely difficult for parents unable to answer the “boy or girl” question.

“There’s no support around what to do. There’s no peer support group.”” – What happens when a child is born intersex in Ireland?

“My question to Glamour is: How can we ever expect those in the most powerful group in this country and the world to step aside and cede power if we who are oppressed by their power continue to exalt them?” – Everything Wrong With Bono’s ‘Woman Of The Year’ Honor

“If you think the answer is that women need to be more sober, more civil, more upright, that girls must be better at exercising fear, must wear more layers with eyes open wider, we will go nowhere. When Judge Aaron Persky mutes the word justice, when Brock Turner serves one month for every felony, we go nowhere. When we all make it a priority to avoid harming or violating another human being, and when we hold accountable those who do, when the campaign to recall this judge declares that survivors deserve better, then we are going somewhere.” – Stanford Sexual Assault Case Survivor Emily Doe Speaks Out

This Week I've Been Reading #94

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