This week I’ve been reading #79

It’s time for another round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This Week I've Been Reading #79
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Sex and sertraline part 1: masturbation

If life gives you tiny unidentifiable turds…

On The Slow Pursuit Of Overnight Success

The story that rocked Irish sport to the core – Michelle Smith in Atlanta revisited

These Bookworms Found Love On Twitter And Now They’re Married And It’s The Best Thing Ever

“I urge and invite you to see ‘Ghostbusters’. It’s a clear, sharp and witty indicator as to what women can do on-screen, should the opportunity present itself or should the glass ceiling shatter from our constant belligerence. It’s also a way to democratically participate in the stories and films that are realised on-screen. Whether we like it or not, Hollywood’s interests are steeped in fiscal advancement. The risk won’t be entertained if we are passive.” – Under the Minniescope: Ghostbusters

“Witch is a highly gendered term, and like most such terms, its masculine counterparts—terms like wizard, warlock, sorcerer, or mage—do not quite mean exactly the same thing. This is not to say that witches are never men, or that men have never been killed for practicing witchcraft, but rather that the vast bulk of those accused of being witches have been women.” – The Real Reason Women Love Witches

“It’s easy to presume that anybody we see online with a certain “profile” must have a certain income, made in a certain way, but trust me when I say: they probably don’t. The way people make their money in creative industries is diverse, a hustle, and I know how easy it would be for me to be deceptive about how I pay my rent, simply by omitting the “nanny” part of any social media I upload.” – Confession: I’m A #1Bestselling Author…And A Nanny

“Here’s the big secret that really isn’t a secret at all: I’m really not overcoming anything. This isn’t some special episode of a sitcom; it’s my life. Being a regular at doctors’ offices and medical facilities isn’t how I’d prefer to spend my time in an ideal reality. Outside of that, I’m not doing anything I wouldn’t have done when I was well — I’m just doing far less of it.” – Having a Chronic Illness Doesn’t Make Me an Inspiration

“I came across a picture of her eating a cupcake, and immediately tagged blogger-shame account @YouDidNotEatThat in the comments in an act of shade. Why? Because I wanted to make some sort of statement about reality — that this person whom I did not know lied about what she ate, and that I was too cool to do that. But, mostly, I didn’t know why I did it — and I was confronted with my lunacy 10 minutes later, when she commented back.” – How I Got Blocked From My Favourite Instagram Account

This Week I've Been Reading #79

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