This week I’ve been reading #75

It’s time for another round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This Week I've Been Reading
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The State of the Domestic Goddess

Male Rape Is No Joke – But Pop Culture Often Treats It That Way

1930s Fashion Designers Predict How People Would Dress in the Year 2000

LOUISE O’NEILL: People must acknowledge their role in a culture where violence against LGBT people exists

Slam poetry about Britain’s vote to leave the EU – Brexit Is Coming and We Are British

“A “normal” drinker doesn’t chug vodka from the bottle. A normal drinker doesn’t have to avoid hard alcohol for fear of blacking out. A normal drinker doesn’t lose control like that. My father lost control every day; I lost control sometimes. But sometimes is enough to kill someone or myself, to end up in jail, to drown in shame, to pay severe consequences for my inebriated actions, to ruin my daughter.” – Not An Alcoholic

“So do it. Do make up tutorials even if you don’t have perfect skin. Start a YouTube channel even though you hate your teeth. Write about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of your life. Because once you do, those things become a lot less scary and might become the reason you stand out from the crowd on your terms.” – Relatable Not Aspirational

“It seems especially important to do away with gendered terms when you start to notice that all of the words that refer specifically to women aren’t all that flattering. A man is a “bachelor” but a woman is a “spinster”. (Please spare me the argument that “bachelorette” is a word ever used outside of reality television and drunken parties.)” – Why we need to lose biased words like ‘mistress’ for good

“I reinforced stereotypes I should have been trying to escape. In trying to conform to this impossible standard, I was making it harder not only on myself, but on other women as well. By saying I wasn’t like other girls because of my interests or personality type, I was dismissing any other girl who felt the same.” – ‘One Of The Guys’: On Cool Girls And Internalized Misogyny

“I sneak writing into the spaces where I feel best. Usually that’s in the early morning, but not always. If I suspect that I’ll be able to think somewhat clearly for a bit, but am not necessarily capable of sitting upright, I’ll lie in bed and tap something out on my Drafts app. I write in the bathtub. Grace Paley said that she did her best writing in the tub, by which she meant that she did her best thinking in the tub; I mean that I am literally writing in the tub, because hot water calms my chills and relieves some of my pain.” – On Treating Your Body Like Garbage & Writing Like You’re Running Out Of Time

This Week I've Been Reading #75

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