This week I’ve been reading #5

I’m still working on a blog post about calling out homophobia, what constitutes homophobia, the RTE settlements and respectfully campaigning for marriage equality. In the meantime, though, I thought I would re-introduce my ‘This Week I’ve Been Reading’ series to share links to some of the stuff I’ve been reading about the whole Saturday Night Show interview and the aftermath. Blog – The BAI, John Waters and regulating away Other voices

Our Man In Stockholm – Caught with our Pantis down

Mark Cullinane – Not Going Away

Oireachtas Retort – When will they think of the children?

Our Man In Stockholm – Panti-mime time for Iona

The Outmost – Why RTE’s Apology to The Iona Institute was Necessary

140 characters is usually enough – Homophobia, and why I want to see the Iona Institute on RTE. All. The. Time.

Brian Barrington – Open Letter to RTE: Explain why you censored gay rights advocate Rory O’Neill

Behind Green Eyes – Panti vs. RTE: My Two Cents

Cunning Hired Knaves – By Definition

datbeardyman – We need the First Amendment in Europe

Scatterbrained – Dear RTE

Clare Daly TD – RTE’s Censorship and Double Standards Condones Prejudice

Catherine Murphy TD – Column: Panti Bliss controversy raises major issues about RTE’s role in public discourse

William Quill – Defining defamation and the reality of homophobia

Panti Bliss – Noble Call: Abbey Theatre

The Cedar Lounge Revolution – There’s Noel Limits

* And David Quinn’s take on recent events – Can we have a respectful debate on same-sex marriage? I don’t think so

In non homophobia related news; here are three other blog posts, all health related, that caught my eye this week.

Nurse Fancy Pants – What Not To Say To A Sick Person

Dancing with Disaster – Happiness Can Be Found In The Darkest Of Times, If One Only Remembers To Turn On The Light… (This one is about coping with Rheumatoid Arthritis so really struck a chord with me, hence the essay length comment I left).

All The Buzz – Living with Bipolar

Note – You can make a donation – here – to help Marriage Equality raise funds for the upcoming referendum campaign.