This week I’ve been reading #4

Here’s a round up of blog posts, articles and other things from the internet that caught my attention this week.


The Constitutional Convention voted to recommend that constitution be amended to allow for civil marriage for same-sex couples. Here, Stephen Spillane writes about what happens next  – The Convention on the Constitution and Same-Sex Marriage – This is Only The Beginning.

A lovely post from limmster, about how one moment can trigger so many other memories – You Can’t Ignore the Sparks.

Hannah wrote a letter to her sixteen year-old self – A Letter to my Sixteen Year-Old Self.


Following the launch of his second album, Derek shares an original track from it for New Music Monday – Dead Inside.

Are you sick of unsolicited callers to your door? Tired of telling them that you’re not interested in whatever it is they’re on about? Then this sign from Like Mam Used to Bake  might be for you – That Sign on Like Mam Used to Bake.

Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House and left a note in the guest book saying, ‘Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber’. Here’s Emma Barnett’s response – Justin Bieber doesn’t get to second guess Anne Frank. Nobody does.

As first posts on a new blog go, this one by Una Power is excellent – Waiting on Change in Ireland’s Mental Health Services.

Over on, Anna has the lowdown on the feminist group, Femen – Femen: Are Topless Protests the way to Change the World?


A guest post about the experience of losing a sister and donating her organs. Please do take the time to read it and then have a conversation about organ donation with your loved ones – Mourning a Sister.

Over on The Vagenda, one woman shares her experience of getting sterilised – TMI: My Sterilisation.

A photography tip that beauty bloggers might find useful – Product Photography – Light Tents Made Easy.

A thought provoking piece about the arrangements for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral – Maggie and Diana: on burying an icon.

Alison Brie performing internet memes, what’s not to like – Alison Brie Imitates Popular Internet Memes.


New Zealand became the 13th nation to legalise same-sex marriage. Here’s a smart, funny and right on the money speech by one of their MPs prior to the vote  – Maurice Williamson: ‘Rainbows across my electorate’.

Do you have trouble finding foundation in the perfect shade for you? How about mixing your own? – Mixing Foundations – Yay or Nay?

On the day Margaret Thatcher was buried, Fiona wonders if she’ll see the first female Taoiseach in her lifetime – Opinion: When will see a female Taoiseach in Ireland?

One for the bloggers, what kind of reaction have you had from friends and family when they find out about you’re blog? – So you’re a secret blogger…

The new Florence + the Machine song, Over the Love, from The Great Gatsby soundtrack is rather beautiful. – GQ Exclusive: Stream Florence and the Machine’s “Over the Love,” from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack.


This post about hands made me smile – Hands – they tell us so much.

As someone who is a klutz that bruises easily I could really relate to this post – The Mystery Injury Pie.

One woman’s experience of telling people she suffers from depression reminded her of her early experience with coming out as gay – Coming Out.

Just look at the gorgeous coral things Nurse Fancy Pants bought in Topshop. I want them all! – Three Coral picks from Topshop.

Kitty is hooked on the A Song of Ice and Fire series of books – Obsessed with Reading! What are Reading and Loving Right Now?


Nurse Fancy Pants is feeling all romantic with these literary quotes – Romantic Literary Quotes to make you go ‘Aww’.

Jenny Butler on the difficulties faced by same-sex couples when it comes to adopting, in Ireland – Adoption – The Long Road Ahead.

A really honest blog post from Chantelle – Do Over.

In light of the Iona Institute, that Child Trends study and the Constitutional Convention story this piece is worth reading – Evidence-based research: Rarely pure and never simple.