This week I’ve been reading #100

It’s time for another round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This Week I've Been Reading #100
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My President Was Black

Home + Worth in America

My writing day: Maggie O’Farrell

I Used To Be Proudly Anti-Feminist—Here’s What Changed My Mind

“Bishop loathed the thought of “your feeling you have to be ‘nice’ to an old lady because she is fond of you—& you’ll be dying to get away & go skiing or swimming or love-making with your young man—I really hope I die first.” Yet Bishop learned that she could tell Methfessel anything, and that Methfessel, “less neurotic than anyone else” Bishop knew, would remain unfazed and continue to love Bishop “unreservedly.” Unlike Bishop, who was “morbidly given to borrowing trouble & expecting the worst,” Methfessel confined her anxieties to “things I can actively do something about.”” – ELIZABETH AND ALICE

“The problem is that you can never know someone else’s intentions. And sometimes I feel like I live in a world where I’m forced to parse through the intentions of people who have no interest in knowing mine.” – I Don’t Know What To Do With Good White People

“Feminist porn has come to encompass all kinds of alternative porn that emphasize diversity in casting and ethics in production. In feminist porn, gender roles are disrupted and women enjoy sex as much as men do – if men are even invited.” – Fresh Flowers, Plenty of Lube: Inside the World of Feminist Porn

“Patriarchy has always had room for the Exceptional Woman—the one woman smart enough, sweet enough, strong enough, soft enough, pure enough, sexy enough to satisfy all of our culture’s contradictory demands on women, and thus make it to the top of a sexist system on merit alone. Patriarchy needs that woman. She provides men with an excuse to blame women for their own pain and struggles while simultaneously assuring women that sexism only needs to be outwitted to be overcome. She tells us that the system is survivable for women—you simply have to be the right kind of woman.” – Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix “Women’s Issues”—She Will Distract From Them

This Week I've Been Reading #100

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