The Opposite of Loneliness – Essays and Stories by Marina Keegan

The Opposite of Loneliness

Like most people, I first heard about Marina Keegan following her death in 2012. She was killed in a car crash a few days after graduating from Yale. She was 22.

The essay, entitled The Opposite of Loneliness, she wrote to mark graduation quickly went viral. Dealing with uncertainty, Keegan’s words urged people to be fearless, embrace change and stop being constrained by expectations; both their own and the expectations of others. It’s easy to see why it struck a chord with so many.

This collection of essays and short stories, published posthumously, is very much about realising that things are OK. It’s OK to be feeling the way you are feeling. It’s OK to not know where your life is going. It’s equally OK to be excited about where your life is going.

For me the short stories are slightly more accomplished than the essays, but Keegan’s observations on and understanding of the human condition run through them all.

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