Time, it moves on

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes it seems to drag on while other times it flies by far too quickly. Either way it’s moving and it only goes in one direction. Forward.

This time a year ago I wasn’t in a very good place. So I did what I usually do when trying to make sense of things, I wrote about it.

I was heartbroken, sleep deprived, on the rebound and once again facing into the dark hole that is depression. Not a good combination. I was a mess. So I wrote about it some more.

I was pretty lost but turning to words helped me get through. There were plenty of times when I couldn’t verbalise how I was feeling but when I sat in front of a computer the words poured out of me. Some of it I published, some of it I only shared with particular people and some of it will never be read by anyone but me.

Musings: Running Away From my Thoughts

Why do I run? The obvious answer is that I do it for the exercise, it’s the easiest way for me to keep in shape because it doesn’t involve putting pressure on my hands and wrists so it doesn’t aggravate my arthritis. 
But the obvious answer isn’t always the honest answer and this week I discovered why I really enjoy running so much. It’s the best way to get away from whatever nonsense is going on in your head.