Notes on comfort food

Notes on comfort food

If there is pasta in house I’ll never go hungry. Carbonara is a particular favourite. It’s not a particularly authentic version, so I’m sure Italian people would roll their eyes if you put it in front of them, but I love it. When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, the thought of not being able to eat pasta freaked me out more than the lack of bread. So began my search for good gluten-free pasta. Of course good in gluten-free terms is always second best to the gluten filled version of anything, but there had to be an edible alternative out there somewhere. Trial and error ensued. Pasta made with rice is OK. Pasta made with corn is better. Pasta made with a mix of rice and corn is only so so. Pasta made with corn, potato and lupin is the best. And so my love affair with pasta continues.

Notes on coffee

Notes on coffee

Here’s the thing about coffee, l love it but my body doesn’t. A few years ago coffee was the only thing that kept me going during a particularly long bout of insomnia. Eventually my body screamed STOP. Vicious migraine after vicious migraine resulted in me giving it up all together. I dabbled with decaf, but for obvious reasons it wasn’t the same. Yet we live in a world of “but first, coffee” and I never really stopped craving the stuff. I’ll never be a daily caffeine drinker again. But nothing beats people watching, over a cup of coffee, a couple of times a week.

Recipe: pork with quinoa and pomegranate

Pork with quinoa and pomegranate

I’ve been trying to find dinners that don’t have a million and one ingredients or take an age and a load of kitchen gadgets to prepare, even if there is marinating time involved. This pork dish, adapted from a version in The Naked Paleo – Food Stripped Bare, fits that bill nicely. I often marinate the pork and prepare the quinoa the night before and the pomegranate and scallions add a lovely crunch.

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Recipe: pasta with kale pesto, broccoli, spinach and spring onions

Kale pasta Kale was a vegetable I ate regularly as a child, if we weren’t adding it to mashed potatoes we were adding it to a stir-fry, so the hype around it always makes me laugh.

However, when Sinead from Viva Adonis shared this recipe for kale pesto I wondered why it had never occurred to me to try it before. I like pesto and kale, so it stands to reason I would like the two combined. The rest of this recipe comes from what I had in the fridge the day I first made it. I wasn’t too fussy with amounts, but this serves two or the leftovers can be kept in the fridge for lunch the next day.

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Recipe: honey and soy chicken with quinoa


Quinoa and Chicken

I’ve been cooking this chicken and quinoa dish a lot lately because it’s tasty, quick to prepare and you can add pretty much any veg you like to it. This is a stripped down version, but if I have chilli, mangetout and/or baby corn then I’ll add them. This serves one person, but can easily be adapted for more.

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