Review: Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb EDP

Vicktor&Rolf Flowerbomb EDP

I’ve had a bit of a mixed relationship with Flowerbomb since its release in 2005. I’ve tried many samples and even owned a 50ml bottle at one point, I ended up giving that to a friend who describes this fragrance as ‘sex on legs’, but I just can’t decide whether I like it or it.

I’ve mentioned before that floral isn’t my comfort zone when it comes to fragrance, but there’s something about Flowerbomb that keeps drawing me back to it.

Described by Viktor & Rolf as ‘a millefleurs around the freesia, Centifolia rose, osmanthus and Sambac jasmine, supported by a background of patchouli’. However, to me it smells almost entirely of roses and patchouli. Which doesn’t sound like a winning combination.

There is something about it though that I can’t quite figure out. A hint of something that makes me smile. Is it the jasmine working away subtly in the background making me feel calm? Is there musk at play here which although I can’t smell my brain somehow knows is there? I don’t know if it’s either of these things. Whatever it is it’s really starting to bother me.

I’ve seen and heard people compare Flowerbomb to both Angel and Alien by Thierry Mugler (my review of Alien can be found here), but to me they are worlds apart. Whereas Alien manages to be both floral and deep and sexy, Flowerbomb is a rose scent followed by overpowering patchouli. The notes don’t mix very well on me.

Maybe I’m expecting too much from Flowerbomb or maybe it is one of those perfumes that really depends on what mood I’m in when I smell it. Either way I can’t see myself buying a full size bottle, but I’ll probably continue to mess around with testers/samples and see if I can put my finger on the magic ingredient that won’t let me add this perfume to my dislike pile.