Review: Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Fortifying and Soothing 24hr Hydrating Cream

I picked this up in Boots recently, it wasn’t the Vichy moisturiser I went in there looking for but it caught my eye so I bought it.
Vichy Aqualia Thermal Rich Fortifying and Soothing 24hr Hydrating Cream (phew, what a mouthful) cost me just under €20 for a 50ml jar (I paid with my points though, so happy days,) and according to Vichy it leaves skin ‘intensely hydrated, skin feels soothed. It feels supple, refreshed and velvety- soft. Sensations of tightness are reduced all day long. The skin feels resilient, supple and radiant.’

Sometimes having dry/sensitive skin can be a pain in the a**, no scratch that it’s always a pain in the a**, as trying to find the right product is nearly impossible. If it’s moisturising enough then it usually causes a reaction and if it doesn’t cause a reaction it’s normally slightly drying on me. 
I fell in love with the Caudalie moisturisers that I reviewed recently for Miss A but my budget wont allow me to purchase them just yet (boo). So, I was hoping that Vichy Aqualia Thermal would have a similar effect and keep my skin in check.
I’m pleased to report that it does what it says on the box and reaction free, perfectly moisturised skin is mine once more.
There’s no SPF included in this product which is actually a good thing as it means it can be used both in the morning and in the evening without any hassle.
As my skin is on the desert side of dry I went for the rich formula but if your skin is more normal to dry then there’s a light formula which might work for you. Both the rich and the light formula are available in 50ml tubes as well as the jars.