Review: La Roche-Posay Toleriane Teint Compact-Creme in Light Beige (11)

‘La Roche-Posay introduce a revolutionary foundation texture for dry and sensitive skins. New Toleriane Teint Compact-Creme* provides the high coverage of a complexion corrector and the soothing properties of a skincare in an ultra melt-in texture.
La Roche-Posay has created an ultra-fine and melt-in coverage with a waterproof finish, thanks to an unprecedented double comfort texture
A New Exclusive Ultra Melting Texture
New Compact-Creme technology: The texture is composed of waxes, emollient oils and a texturising agent. Upon contact with the skin, the ingredients blend and swell to form a 3D network that spreads easily, and perfectly matches the skins surface textures – leaving a homogeneous fine film of natural looking coverage.

An In-depth Long-lasting Comfort
The soothing properties of a skincare: For the first time, Neurosenine, a dermatological active ingredient used for sensitivity regulation, has been integrated in a compact foundation to soothe and reduce dry and sensitive skins reaction risk’.
Colour Match: This comes in four shades and the one I was sent is Light Beige (11) which the second lightest. As you can see from the swatches below it’s too dark for me but having swatched the lightest shade Ivory (10) it looks to be a good match. 
Teint Creme-Compact in Light Beige (11) swatched (L) and blended  (R)
Texture: This is a light, creamy formula that disappears into the skin so you’re not aware that you’re even wearing it.
Coverage: I would say that this is quite a medium/high coverage foundation, in fact it’s the highest coverage I’ve used recently. It blends really well to cover imperfections, in my case the redness in my checks (stupid rosacea), without wiping my freckles out completely and making me look like a corpse. I applied it with a foundation brush instead of the sponge that’s included (which by the way, is latex-free,) because I’m not a big fan of sponges. Teint Creme-Compact contains SPF 35 which is excellent protection for a foundation and will be perfect for winter as most people forget about sun protection then.
Longevity: I wore this last week and it lasted really well. There was no transfer issue and it still looked fresh and newly applied 6/7 hours later. 
Price: The RRP is €20 and it’s available from pharmacies nationwide.
Overall: Despite being a shade too dark I’m really impressed with this foundation. It’s moisturising and tones down redness making it great for dry/sensitive skin and I love the fact that it provides decent SPF coverage too. 
Result: I passed this on to my Mam cos it’s the right colour for her and in return she offered to buy me the lighter shade, Ivory (10), at the weekend. So, happy days because I can see this becoming a staple foundation.