Review: Isabella by Isabella Rosselini EDP

Isabella by Isabella Rossellini EDP was released in 2002 but has since been discounted. I’ll apologise now for any product lust that I’m about to create but I couldn’t resist reviewing this.

Isabella contains top notes of mandarin orange and lemon and middle notes of tonka bean, white magnolia, Heliotrope and tobacco. It’s base notes are made up of Iris, oakmoss, musk and vetiver.

When first applied to the skin I’m hit with a gorgeous citrusy burst of sunshine, which immediately picks my mood up.

Over the course of an hour two the scent changes into a nice light floral fragrance. As the day progresses the floral gives way to a vanilla-ish fragrance (that’ll be the tonka bean).

The vanilla is soon joined by an incredibly deep and almost mysterious scent, even though I know it’s the tobacco. 

Around the 5 hour, of wear, mark the deepness lets up (although it doesn’t disappear completely) and we return briefly to floral territory, thanks to the Iris. This quickly dissipates and the tobacco comes to the fore again.

The final stretch for Isabella is when it is at its most intoxicating. The tobacco slowly mixes with musk and vetiver to create a dark, rich fragrance that just screams sexy, to me.

Longevity wise this lasts about 10 hours and there isn’t a destination along the way that I don’t like. Yes, the appearance of the Iris is a bit of a distraction but it’s a pleasant one nonetheless.

I can still remember the first time I smelled Isabella, back in 2003, it was on the girl stood next to me in the queue in the college canteen. I asked what it was because I knew I had to try it out for myself. 

It’s been my go to perfume ever since and I wear it most days. When I discovered that it was being discontinued I bought as many bottles as I could get my hands on. The sales assistant in Boots thought I was a bit mad but I wasn’t going to risk running out any time soon.

The bottle pictured above is the last of my stockpile and I was honestly dreading it running out. That was until I commented on this post about celebrity fragrances over on and the lovely stephieshoenut offered me her barely used bottle. This may sound mad but the morning it arrived actually put a smile on my face, it really is the simple things in life and the kindness of strangers that cheer you up on a tough day.