Review: Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual EDP

Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual EDP

Very Irresistible EDP is the last of the Givenchy perfume sachets that my friend gave me last year. I still think that housing perfume samples in a sachet, as opposed to a vial, makes the application process difficult. As a result of this, I only managed to get two uses out of this sample whereas the Play for Her sample yielded three uses.

In 2005 Very Irresistible Sensual became the newest addition to Givenchy’s Very Irresistible range. Containing notes of rose, peony, star anise, patchouli and vanilla it is supposed to be a more seductive grown up version of the original Very Irresistible.

When first applied to the skin I’m immediately hit by how powdery the scent is. I’m not a fan of powdery scents as they remind me too much of soap and it is why I have such a strange relationship with rose based perfumes. It takes the right mix of notes to compensate for the memories of soap and it’s rare that I find a rose scent that manages to get that balance right.

In this case there was no mix of notes at all. Nothing. The first note I detected was the one that stayed with me throughout the few hours that Very Irresistible Sensual lasted on my skin. It didn’t evolve, mellow or blend with anything else.

I haven’t tried the original Very Irresistible so I can’t compare the two. To me, though, Very Irresistible Sensual is neither Very Irresistible nor sensual. Which is disappointing.

I’ve said before that scent is subjective and the notes that come through for me may not come through for you. This perfume is a perfect example of that. Having smelled it on me someone else was struck by the warmth and smoothness of what they thought was vanilla. They were right, vanilla is listed as one of the ingredients, but I couldn’t detect that smoothness at all.

The perfume they described actually sounded like something I would be interested in trying (you all know my love of vanilla), yet I was wearing it and it smelled like a completely different perfume to me.