Review: Giorgio Armani Sì EDP

Sì EDP (30ml), €56. Sì EDP (50ml), €79. Sì EDP (100 ml), €106. Personal gift included, but no press samples.

Si EDP by Giorgio Armani

If you have ever been anywhere near a perfume counter with me you’ll know I am particular about how I shop for perfume. I won’t sniff more than five at a time because after that my nose can’t tell what’s what anymore. I spray the ones I like on pieces of cardboard, which I have already written the perfume names on, place them in various pockets in my bag and coat so the scents don’t get mixed up and proceed to sniff them at different points throughout the day. I’ll take notes about the perfume notes, which ones are coming through for me and how the scent makes me feel. I’ll often leave the pieces of card for a few days, smell them again and see if I still like the fragrances.

The next step is to start spraying the scents I like on my skin. If I like them all, this can include five separate trips to the shop to try them. Again, I’ll take notes about how the scent is wearing on me throughout the day.

When all that is done, I go through my notes and decide which one to purchase. Most recently I was choosing the perfume that I intend wearing on my wedding day, so the numbers increased.

My initial thought was to stick with my favourite perfume, Isabella by Isabella Rosselini. However, I am on my last bottle and since it is no longer available repurchasing it wouldn’t be an option and I like the idea of always having a bottle on hand to trigger memories of the day.

In the end, I tried about 15 perfumes over the course of a few months, but choosing Sì was an easy decision to make. It stood out, for all the right reasons.

I have been intrigued by Sì since reading Katie’s post about it last year. On paper this doesn’t sound like my kind of perfume at all.

With top notes of Bergamot, Mandarin Oil and Cassis it sounds like it would be overly fruity. The middle notes lean towards the floral; with Freesia, Rose May and Jasmine. I’m still getting to grips with whether I actually like floral scents or not, but rose and I don’t have a great track record (as seen here). Sì’s base notes are where my heart lies. They are Patchouli, Amber, Vanilla and a blend of musky woody tones.

When applied to my wrists, the first scent that is noticeable is the Cassis. The scent of blackcurrant fills the air in a way that is intoxicating without being overpowering. The blackcurrant is soon joined by the Bergamot and Mandarin, which mellow the Cassis out.

Over the course of an hour or so the fruitiness is joined by a fresh scent. I know this is the floral notes coming into play, but on me they aren’t particularly distinguishable from each other. They simply add another dimension to the Cassis, which happily sticks around much longer than I expected.

The vanilla starts to come to the fore here, so you have a gorgeous blackcurrant and vanilla cocktail. From there the amber and musky woody tones develop.

The Cassis remains present throughout, but it never becomes overpowering nor does it get lost in the depth of the dry down. It proves itself the perfect note for taking on elements of those around it. I love it and I never thought I would say that about something so obviously fruity.

Sì has pretty much been my go-to fragrance since I got it at Christmas, but I am looking forward to wearing it on the day itself. This one is definitely a keeper.

I have said before that scent is subjective and notes that come through on some people won’t on others, but I adore Sì and am wondering what took me so long to try it.