Review: So Hooked on Carmella EDT

So Hooked on Carmella is part of Benefit’s Cresent Row range of perfumes and is described as a ‘floral vanilla that’s exquisitely feminine’.
Hooked on Carmella contains top notes of grapefruit and lemon, middle notes of tiare flower, peony and cyclamen with its base notes being vanilla, amber and sandalwood.

When first applied to the skin all I could smell was alcohol and this took at least five minutes to disperse fully which wasn’t the best way to start off.
Following on from the alcohol came the sweet scent of vanilla, at first it appeared sickly sweet, so sweet in fact that I contemplated scrubbing it off and never speaking of it again.
However, using the logic that since it hadn’t actually induced a headache, I decided to stick with and see what happened next.
Over the course of an hour the vanilla scent deepened, it stayed sweet but it was no longer sickly and artificial. 
What struck me about this scent is that I’d been wearing it for just over an hour and I hadn’t smelled anything other than vanilla, which considering it’s a base note I probably shouldn’t have noticed it first anyway. I couldn’t detect any of the citrus or floral notes at all.
As a rule Eau de Toilette doesn’t last as long as, and isn’t as concentrated as, Eau de Parfum and this is no exception. It lasted for approximately three hours which would have been a shame if it had been a different perfume but in this case I was actually glad that the sweet vanilla scent didn’t linger all day.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of vanilla but in this case there was no depth or additional notes so it was quite overpowering.
Overall I was disappointed in this scent, although it improved slightly from its alcohol filled start it stayed one dimensional throughout. After the heavy scents of the last two perfumes I reviewed I was looking forward to trying something lighter but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.
Fragrance is such a personal experience, so it’s entirely possible that someone else could have a completely different opinion of So Hooked on Carmella, but for me this just didn’t hit the right notes.