Recent Reads – Netgalley edition part two

Advance Reader Copies (ARCs) included. They are marked with an *. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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Continuing the adventures of actually remembering to write about books, here are more advance reader copies (ARCs) I should have reviewed months ago when they were actually new releases.

Here and Gone by Haylen Beck*


Audra Kinney leaves her abusive marriage and sets off cross country with her children. When she is pulled over and arrested on a quiet Arizona road her life changes forever. When she arrives at the station her children are gone and the police want to know what she did with them.

Here and Gone* is a heart in your mouth thriller that grabs your attention from the get-go. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a bit too straight forward for my liking.

In Deep Water by Sam Blake*


When Cat Connolly’s best friend and training partner fails to turn up for a gym session, Cat knows something is wrong. This isn’t like Sarah Jane. Cat immediately begins looking for her and the more she learns the more worried about finding Sarah Jane she becomes. Just what was the journalism student working on before she disappeared?

In Deep Water* isn’t as captivating as Blake’s debut and it’s more than a tad far-fetched in parts, but it’s still an enjoyable read.

Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey*


When 18 year-old Chloe Emery returns home unexpectedly, the house is covered in blood and her mother is missing.

How do you solve a murder when you don’t have a body? How do get to the truth when the daughter of the victim is hiding something? How do you do your job when everyone involved is too busy ensuring their own secrets are kept?

Let the Dead Speak* is a fast-paced thriller whose characters leap off the page.

Underneath by Anne Goodwin*


Steve and Liesel appear to have it all, sure they both have difficulties stemming from their childhood but they’ve found each other. And that’s enough, until it isn’t. Liesel delivers an ultimatum and Steve reacts in a manner no-one was expecting. Just how much does your past excuse or explain your present actions?

The event that acts as the catalyst for Steve’s behaviour is so out of left field it doesn’t ring true for me. I had high hopes for Underneath*, but was left disappointed and on more than one occasion it felt like two books had been stuck together.

Himself by Jess Kidd*


Mulderrig isn’t a particularly welcoming village to outsiders, something Mahony discovers early on. Mahony is determined to find out what happened to his mother, an event the residents of Mulderrig want left untouched at all costs. But someone knows the truth and Mahony isn’t leaving until he finds it. Aided by the flamboyant Mrs. Cauley, Mahony sets about questioning everyone about their whereabouts on that fateful night. But, much like Mulderrig itself, there is more to Mahony than meets the eye…namely the dead. But will they help or hinder him?

I have so much love for Himself* and am sure of two things (1) I will re-read it, probably numerous times and (2) it will definitely have a place on my top books of the year list. A must read that is as breathtakingly creepy as it is full of humour. Kidd weaves a web of magical realism around a mystery with its roots firmly planted in Ireland’s dark past.

Out of the Running by Shauna Shames*


A fascinating look at why Millennials aren’t entering politics and what this means for the future of America’s political system.

Shauna Shames’, a political scientist, research includes interviews with graduate students in Universities that have previously been stepping stones for people entering elected office; Harvard Law, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Boston’s Suffolk University Law School.

Shames argues young people are not disinterested in politics, they no longer see it as the best way of making the changes they want. Out of the Running* also explores the additional barriers that women and people of colour face when entering politics.

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