Review: Neutrogena Multi-Defence

Back in February I got the chance to test the full range of Neutrogena Mult-Defence skincare products, thanks to the lovely people at both Neutrogena and
Since I’ve been trialling them for over a month and all the feedback has been collected, I thought I’d do a full review of the set.
Here’s what was in the lovely package that arrived at the beginning of March.
We have the Gentle Purifying Scrub, the Gentle Purifying Wipes,  the Daily Moisturiser and the Night Moisturiser.

Now before I start I should state that the day cream is the only one of the bunch that is specifically formulated for dry/sensitive skin, the others are deemed suitable for all skin types.
What Neutrogena have to say:
‘In the development of Neutrogena Multi-Defence, Neutrogena carefully selected key ingredients to form its breakthrough proprietary technology, PROT-AOX. PROT-AOX technology is an active defence system that uses an innovative fusion of effective ingredients including Moringa seed, Brazilian green tea (also called Yerba Mate), and vitamins C and E.
With this unique blend of ingredients, Neutrogena Multi Defence helps to:
  • protect the skin against pollutants and purifies it by facilitating the removal of all micro-particles, coming from the environment, that ‘asphyxiate’ the skin,
  • improve the cells’ resistance against environmental damage,
  • supplement the skin’s natural moisture for up to 24 hours, providing hydration,
  • defend the skin against the sun’s harmful rays with broad spectrum of UVA and UVB filters,
  • and nourishes and protects the surface of the skin by a combination of vitamins C and E.’
What I have to say:
Gentle Purifying Wipes, 25 pack
 I’m wary of face wipes to begin with but I gave these a go. They didn’t agree with my face at all, they did remove about 95% of my make up but my skin was left quite red and blotchy looking. However, I have been using them for removing make up swatches from my inner arm and they are fab as they don’t disagree with the skin there.
Gentle Purifying Scrub
I really wanted to love this product and I gave it my best shot but it just wasn’t to be. I used this twice daily for the first two days but my skin got very red and tight after use so I switched to morning only use from day three. On day five I noticed that my skin was very red, blotchy and I had red bumps just under the surface skin on my cheeks so I decided that even using the scrub once a day was too harsh. I gave my skin a break from the scrub for a week and then re-introduced it as a weekly scrub but immediately after use my skin became red, inflamed looking and felt extremely dry and tight. I realised that it simply doesn’t agree with my skin type and have stopped using. In my opinion, anyone with sensitive skin should approach this product with extreme caution.
Daily Moisturiser for dry/sensitive skin SPF15
 I love this moisturiser as it really keeps my skin feeling hydrated throughout the day, in fact the only problem I have is that since I’m a person with extremely sun sensitive skin SPF15 isn’t enough for me even on non sunny/dull days. I need SPF25 for everyday use and then I switch an actual sun cream of SPF50 when the sun is actually shining. The moisturiser for all skin types contains SPF25 so I’m planning on buying that one as I’m really impressed by the it. It really does hydrate and nourish my skin and I’ve had comments that my skin looks plumper (though I can’t see it myself). Oh, and I’m delighted it’s in a pump top bottle as it’s hygienic and so easy to use.
Night Moisturiser
 First things first, I’d love if this was also in a pump top bottle because it’s quite messy to use and gets everywhere if you’re not careful. Apart from that, I didn’t find this hydrating enough for my dry skin after the first week of use, I was planning on using my Trilogy Rosehip Oil under it from the second week onwards (which was what I’d been doing with my moisturiser before this trial anyway). However, I forgot to do this and discovered that I didn’t actually need it as my skin became so soft and hydrated (it obviously just needed time to adapt to the change). In the mornings my skin felt super soft and did look brighter (my younger brother even commented that I looked less sleepy first thing in the morning, woohoo). I will definitely be buying this once my current tub runs out, I love it.
Overall I didn’t get on well with the wipes or the scrub but my skin just drinks up the moisturisers and loves them. I must admit I was dubious about some of the claims when I read them especially about improving cell resistance to the environment and I’m still not fully convinced that this aspect can actually achieved but I could be wrong because as I’ve said other people are commenting on how much plumper my skin is looking lately.