Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT

Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT (7.5ml roll-on), €19.50. Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT (30 ml), €47. Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT (50 ml), €69. Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT (100 ml), €100. No press samples included.

I’ve had my eye on Narciso Rodriguez for her EDT for ages, but couldn’t justify the price for a full size bottle so when I spotted this roll-on in Sephora while in Barcelona recently I knew I had to have it.

I really wish roll-on perfumes were widely available in Ireland because they’re a great way to try perfumes without completely breaking the bank.

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDT

Described as “a modern classic, for her seduces with purity, grace and subtlety. Musk, the heart of the scent, is refined by a synthesis of floral notes and hints of soft amber. Sensual and addictive, for her is femininity at its most powerful.” On me for her is distinctly woody and musky, which makes it my kind of scent and perfect as we head into winter.

I’m still playing around with floral scents and figuring out what I do and don’t like. To my nose for her is so well rounded that the floral and musk intertwine from the beginning. It is warm, inviting, comforting and yet sensual. It smells almost familiar, like something I’ve been wearing for years.

Scent is such a subjective thing; perfume smells different to different people. I’ve seen people say for her EDT is light and fresh with a musky undertone, whereas for me it is musky and creamy with a hint of something floral.

Longevity wise; for her is pretty decent at five or six hours, again longevity can differ from person to person.

It’s interesting to see my attitude to floral notes change. There was a time when any mention of floral meant that I wouldn’t even sniff a perfume tester in store. Now I’m more interested in how the floral notes mix with the rest of the perfume. I can’t see myself loving an outright floral perfume anytime soon, but I am enjoying branching put slightly. I wonder what great perfumes I’ve missed out on, simply because I refused to try them.