My favourite songs

I currently have two half written blog posts waiting in my drafts folder, but instead of finishing either of them I’m, messing about, listening to music on YouTube. If I turn my playlist into a blog post about my favourite songs then I can call it a productive morning, right?

I know that ten is usually a good number for a list, but I couldn’t whittle it down to any more than fifteen so you’ll have to forgive me.

There is no order to this list, other than starting with my absolute favourite song, and there’s only one song per artist otherwise I would have been here all day. I could have dedicated an entire list to my love of Tori Amos alone. Actually, I must do that at some point.

1.  Lover, You Should’ve Come Over – Jeff Buckley (1994)

I think everyone has a song that stops them in their tracks, every time they hear it, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. This is that song for me. It never fails to give me goose bumps.

2.  Winter – Tori Amos (1992)

Choosing just one Tori Amos song was a difficult task. I’ve been a fan since my early teens. One summer I played, the song, Cornflake Girl so often that it has been my nickname ever since. Hence the title of my blog.

In the end, I went for Winter and, in particular, this live performance where she dedicates the song to her Dad.

I was lucky enough to see Tori live when she played in Dublin in 2011. It was, by far, the best gig I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was incredible and Tori was as brilliant as I expected and then some. I was on a high for days afterwards.

3.  Eve, the Apple of my Eye – Bell X1 (2004)

Paul Noonan, *swoon*. His voice makes me go weak at the knees. It always has.

It took me a while, but I finally managed to see them live last year. To say I had a ball would be an understatement.

4.  Never is a Promise – Fiona Apple (1996)

A friend gave me a copy of Fiona Apple’s début album, Tidal, when we were in fifth year and I’ve been a fan ever since.

5.  Don’t Speak – No Doubt (1997)

I bought this single while on a school trip to the Netherlands and Germany in 1997. At the time I was too young to fully appreciate break-up songs, but this has stood the test of time. I’m not surprised Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal found it difficult to perform the song night after night.

6.  Guess I’m Doing Fine – Beck (2002)

This is the song I use when introducing people to Beck. It’s easy to see why this album, Sea Change, has been described by many a music critic as Beck’s best.

7.  Where the Wild Roses Grow – Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue (1995)

I could have chosen any number of songs by Nick Cave, but there’s something about this one that I’ve always loved. On paper this duet should never work, yet it does.

8.  I’m Your Man – Leonard Cohen (1988)

Leonard Cohen is a master lyricist and I’m Your Man is no exception.

A piece of advice for you, if you’ve managed to avoid hearing Michael Buble’s version of this then keep it that way. No one needs to have their ears polluted by it.

9.  Knowing Me, Knowing You – Abba (1977)

Everyone has a favourite Abba song, right? Well, this is mine.

10.  Lovesong – The Cure (1989)

Probably an obvious choice when it comes to songs by The Cure, but it makes me smile. I’ve heard many cover versions over the years, but none of them come close to the original. Not even Tori Amos performing it.

Mentioning The Cure also gives me an excuse to retell the story of the first time my nanny saw them on Top of the Pops.

My nanny: “What in the name of jaysus is that?”

My uncle: “That’s The Cure.”

My nanny: “Well if that’s the cure then I’d hate to see the fucking disease!”

11.  Empty Chairs – Don McLean (1971)

So simple and yet so powerful.

12.  Say It To Me Now – The Frames (1996)

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen The Frames live and I never fail to be surprised that Glen Hansard’s guitar makes it through the night intact. I’m always convinced the intensity with which he plays will somehow wear it out.

13.  Real Men – Joe Jackson (1981)

This song contains some of my favourite lyrics of all time.

14.  Angie – The Rolling Stones (1973)

The reason why I love The Rolling Stones.

15.  Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd (1979)

This one has kept me company on many an insomnia fuelled night.

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