Like I need a reason to mention Bell X1!

Last week saw Phantom 105.2 announce the results of their reader poll to find the top 50 Irish songs of all time. The full list can be found here and, without spoiling it for those who haven’t read it yet, can I just say that I can’t stand the song that made it to number one. 

Each to there own though and not everyone is going to agree with my favourites from the list either (there are more than the two mentioned here).

I’ve mentioned my love of Bell X1 on the blog a few times so I was delighted to see them on the list not once but twice. 

I don’t know about you but I find Eve, the Apple of My Eye to be one of the most heartbreaking songs ever written. That’s exactly why I love it so much though and no matter how often I hear it, it never fails to get to me.

Rocky Took a Lover is worth listening to for the lines “You’re such an asshole when you’re drunk. He said ‘At least I’m OK in the mornings'” alone but Paul Noonan actually explains the story behind the song in the clip above.

What are your favourite songs from the list? More importantly, do you have a favourite Irish song that didn’t make the top 50? Let me know in the comments below.