Because She Loves Me by Mark Edwards

Advance Reader Copy (ARC) via Netgalley included.

Because She Loves Me

Because She Loves Me* tells the story of Andrew Sumner, a man who is undergoing treatment for a detached retina. Whilst at the hospital he meets Charlie, who makes him look at life differently. He feels his luck has finally changed.

Their relationship quickly becomes intense. You know the story; girl is so insatiable that boy becomes blinkered to everything outside the relationship. It usually comes with consequences and it’s no different this time because things with Charlie may not be what they seem.

Strange things begin to happen to Andrew and the people around him. Stuff goes missing from his apartment and it appears that someone is following him. His friend’s lives are turned upside down; could Charlie’s jealousy be the cause of all this? The thought of it terrifies Andrew.

The fast paced nature of the story meant it sometimes felt like there were too many things going on at once. At times the suspense is there and other times I thought I knew what going to happen further into the book. But twists and turns proved me wrong some of the time. It was obvious there were going to be twists; it just wasn’t always obvious what those twists would be.

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