#AskTheQuestion – Recommitting to myself

#AskTheQuestion - Recommitting to myself

New Year Resolutions and I never really got on. The only one I’ve stuck to is the one I made three or four years ago about using up skincare products and make-up before purchasing new ones. I used up my, not insignificant, stash and largely stick by a one product in, one product out system. Yet, in the run up to January 1st I found myself full of ideas.

I decided to focus on long(er) term goals rather than quick fix resolutions that I’ll abandon before the month is out. The list alone is an achievement. It’s the first time in a long time I’ve felt like planning anything. I spent most of 2016 focusing on staying alive and dealing with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

The fog is lifting. I know what non-depressed me looks like. But I don’t know who I am. What is me and what is me experiencing hypomania? I’ve always been most productive during bouts of insomnia where I inexplicably have more energy than I know what to do with. What if it’s not inexplicable? What if they were episodes of hypomania, but I didn’t know it yet? Who am I then? I don’t know. And that’s a scary thing to admit.

Then the latest #AskTheQuestion by Laura Jane Williams arrived in my inbox. What will you be open to in 2017, so that you recommit to the adventure of your own life? Everything, was my initial thought, I’ll be open to everything.

And I will, but I’ve got to start somewhere. My New Year goals seem even more appropriate now. We learn by trying. And as Fiona Cooke wisely said in response to my Instagram post; “you’ll fulfil the important ones”.

I’m going to have fun trying. Here goes, wish me luck!

Read 52 books. That’s one a week. I read 85 books last year, so it’s doable, but I want to slow down, focus more and choose wisely. I want quality over quantity, but more on that in an upcoming post.

Move more. I used to run regularly, until my health got in the way. I miss it and hope to get back to it someday. Right now it’s not realistic, so I won’t be joining the Couch to 5K crowds just yet. I’m starting slow and steady. Let’s move more. That sounds vague, so let’s make it do yoga daily for 30 days and take it from there. That’s achievable.

I’ve had two blog related ideas kicking around my brain for awhile, it’s time to put fingers to keyboard and start working on them. There will be a ‘Notes on’ series, which will be a mix of opinion pieces and personal essays, and a ‘5 questions with…’ series. This blog has been through a lot of changes since 2011, but I’m finally in a place where I don’t feel pressure to blog about the things everyone else is blogging about. I love talking about skincare, but Cornflakegirl’s Musings stopped being a beauty blog a long time ago.

I want to pitch articles and opinion pieces. People can’t reject what I don’t send them. I won’t know unless I try. It’s time to put myself out there.

Write the book. WRITE THE BOOK!

Daily journaling isn’t for me. I’ve tried numerous times and never manage to stick with it. It’s great when I’m working through something specific, but as an everyday task regardless of what’s going on it doesn’t work. Monthly reflections or check-ins I can do. It’s a manageable way for me to take time to see how life is going.

I want to continue to tell women who inspire me that they inspire me. It’s time to tell them that I appreciate what they are doing. I started this recently with a series of tweets. I’ll be doing more. Emails and letters, where appropriate, too.

Budget, budget, budget.

Continue to take activism offline. Social media has a role to play, but it is face to face conversations that will help us #RepealThe8th. Now, before we have a date for a referendum, is the perfect time to talk to people about the Eighth Amendment and how it affects all aspects of pregnancy as well as abortion rights. Now is the time to highlight the fact that anything less than free, safe, legal and accessible abortion will see thousands of women, a year, continue to travel abroad to access abortion services. These conversations are vital and are where my focus will be.

Say YES to more things, but also know that saying NO is OK!

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