#8thRef – I’ve voted, have you?

#8thRef - I've voted, have you

My Yes is for those who laid themselves bare by telling their stories. We owe you so much and we’ll never be able to repay your bravery.

My Yes is for those who haven’t shared their experiences and maybe never will.

My Yes is for those who travelled, those who took pills at home, and for those who could do neither of those things.

My Yes is for those who fought against the amendment in ’83 and have been fighting ever since to have it repealed.

My Yes is for those who remained strong when people (including myself circa 2013) said you were asking for too much.

My Yes is for those who answered my questions with kindness. You welcomed me with open arms when I finally joined the fight.

My Yes is for those who have made Ireland their home, but who cannot vote to change the law that affects them.

My Yes is for those in the north because while we deal with different laws, it is the same fight. For everything you’ve done to support us, know that we have your back and will march beside you for as long as it takes. Bring on the Rally for Choice!

We still have work to do, we know that, but look how far we’ve come. Look what we’ve achieved.