5 podcasts you should listen to

I love podcasts. I listen to them much more frequently than I do music or the actual radio. I’ve usually got a podcast playing while I’m blogging, cooking, cleaning, walking or running. I enjoy hearing other people’s stories and there is always something new to be learned or a realisation to be had in the process.

If audio is your thing, here are 5 podcasts you should listen to.

5 Podcasts You Should Listen To
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All the Books!

All the Books! is a weekly podcast, from the people over at Bookriot, about new book releases. If you’re a book lover then these recommendations and discussions will be right up your alley. They cover the books they are most looking forward to as well as those with hype surrounding them.


Crybabies with Sarah Thyre & Susan Orlean focuses on the things that make people cry. Each week their guest introduces a song, film, TV clip or something that makes them cry and they discuss why it affects them this way. Be warned, you may find yourself getting teary-eyed from time to time too.

New Yorker: Fiction

New Yorker: Fiction is a monthly podcast where a renowned author chooses a story from The New Yorker archive to read aloud. They then discuss their choice story with Deborah Treisman, fiction editor at the New Yorker. It’s a great way to delve into fiction and the art of writing.

Reply All

Reply All is a show about the internet and how it has affected people’s lives. From tales of online dating, to emails sent to the wrong address, to what happens when a devout and orthodox Jewish man discovers the internet; each episode is a window into someone else’s world.


Strangers by Lea Thau is part of the Radiotopia network. Each episode examines the theme of “strangers”. Whether it’s the strangers we meet, the strangers we sometimes realise we have become or the strange places we visit; these journeys can be heartbreaking, funny and everything in between. What runs through them all is the sense of wanting to understand more about our lives and the lives of the people around us.

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