5 blogs you should read

If you like writing that’s full of authenticity then here are 5 blogs you should read. No matter what these bloggers write about they come across as true to themselves. Their content never feels forced, even if press samples are being featured.

In the ever expanding world of blogging (particularly beauty blogging) people who write because they genuinely love it are always a breath of fresh air. That’s why I look forward to seeing these blogs appear in my Bloglovin’ feed.

5 Blogs You Should Read
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1. Behind Green Eyes

Behind Green Eyes

Behind Green Eyes is a no-nonsense lifestyle, book and beauty blog. It is full of reviews that aren’t afraid to tell it like it is regardless of whether she loves a product or thinks it isn’t worth the money.

Sharon has a way with words that cuts through the PR bumf surrounding so many products, which is always welcome in the blogging world, and her monthly book round ups always lead to my own to-read list growing in number.

Three posts to read:

W7 Brow Bar Review

OMG, that’s like, so totally ‘90’s!

Books I Read in August, Book Haul & Booktube-a-thon 2015 Results

2. Girl Lost In The City

Girl Lost In The City

Girl Lost In The City covers everything from books to fashion to feminism and everything in between.

Emma’s writing is smart, interesting and accessible. She works at Glamour magazine (UK edition) and her book recommendations are always ones to take note of.

Three posts to read:

Why I Blog

Diary Of A Fangirl

About Blogging And Respecting Other People’s Decisions

3. Nurse Fancy Pants

Nurse Fancy Pants

If it’s beauty, lifestyle, books, pop culture and feminism you’re after then you can’t go far wrong with Nurse Fancy Pants.

I love the mix of posts; to be honest I’ll read whatever Chloe has written as I enjoy her style so much. As a skincare lover and avid reader her skincare and book posts inevitably lead to my to-read and to-buy lists growing.

Three posts to read:

Recently Read: July & August

What Not To Say To A Sick Person

An Ode To Buffy The Vampire Slayer

4. Sailboat


Sailboat is a personal, beauty and lifestyle blog written by Jennie May. I’ve been a reader of Jennie’s blog for a long time and love that she isn’t afraid to write about whatever takes her fancy, even when it means getting a bit personal.

Three posts to read:

“You’ve Changed”

Blurry Eyed & Made Of Whispers

On Blogging, Feeling A Bit Lonely & Forming Connections

5. Superlatively Rude

Superlatively Rude

I came across Superlatively Rude last year and spent hours devouring the entire blog.

Laura’s writing is raw, honest and often times heartbreaking. It always makes me think and often makes me cry when I didn’t realise I needed to cry, but it’s cathartic.

Three posts to read:

Why I Write

Ghosts In My Inbox

Some People Try To Keep Us Small – Just Like Them

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