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It’s time for another round up of articles, blog posts and stuff from the internet that caught my attention this week.

This segment about sex education from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver –


To Be Read Calculator

11 On A YA Theme: Intersectional Feminism

How Romance Novelists Got Such a Silly, Sappy Rap

A new short story by Colm Toibin – The Journey to Galway

This interview series over on Autostraddle – Interview with my queer BFF

This snippet of Ryan Adams’ cover version of Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood – Bad Blood

These two articles on the politics of coming out and labels – Why are so Many Female Celebrities Opting to Not Label Themselves Bisexual? and Kristen Stewart and the Evolving Politics of Coming Out

“You will finally sleep when all else fails but you have no control over how long you’ll be out.  People get really worried about you when you’re logging 16 to 18 hours a day in bed, getting up just long enough to take care of necessary business and getting right back under those comfy covers.” – Living with Pain & Chronic Illness: All I want is a good night’s sleep

“Pre-digital people had a single “self” and they hauled its sorry ass through the pages of the literary canon in the hope that it would come out better. Digital people have multiple selves, and so what they are doing with an immersive story is more provisional and temporary.” – Ebooks are changing the way we read, and the way novelists write

“As a woman, you never know when the question is coming—only that it is. You may be having a perfectly innocuous conversation about the traffic, your favorite brand of peanut butter, or even your latest dental work when someone springs it on you: “You have kids, right?”” – The Waiting Room: You Have Kids, Right?

Fans are not created equal, however. No one blinks at the sports bulletins included in every single news cast, but if these were to be replaced or, dare I say it, accompanied by headlines from the fashion world, the confusion would be immediate. Both are multi-million euro industries which saturate our media and draw devotees from across the globe.

But fashion is not sport. Sport is serious, fashion is frivolous. Haven’t you heard?” – Mary McGill: To All The Girls Who’ve Loved Before – A Reflection on Female Fandom

“She said she knew she was gay when she was 13, and she’d wept into her bedroom carpet wishing God would end her life. She revealed that at 16, at a Christian youth conference, a kind of exorcism was performed on her, to rid her of her lesbianism.” – This Is What It’s Like Being A Gay Christian Rock Star

“Rantic’s clientele includes politicians, celebrities and corporations, but most often, it’s young women. To date, out of the “over 75,000 instagram clients” Rantic has claimed to service, 85 percent of their clients “are females 14-20 years old” said Juice.” – Inside an Instagram Bot Farm

“It still infuriates me.  Because time and time again, when I ask questions in Ireland in regards to my own body and my own healthcare, the attitude I consistently get is ‘You don’t need to know unless we decide you need to know’ and ‘How DARE you question a medical professional’. The sheer nerve involved in daring to ask a question about your own body and the medical care you need or are receiving!  How DARE you. It’s like being patted on the head and told, ‘Don’t worry your pretty little head about these things you can’t understand.’ This attitude towards patients is grossly backward and ignorant.” – Women’s Healthcare In Ireland

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